What are B2B Publications?

by Rita Braun

In writing and editing business-to-business (B2B) publications, you serve individuals employed by companies and who buy from or sell to individuals in other companies. Because the B2B buying process involves people from many departments (engineering, production, marketing, sales, and the c-suite), craft your B2B publications with specific readers in mind.

B2B publications target different audiences.B2B writing and editing covers many different types of publications and audiences who read them. As a B2B writer and editor, you’ll likely specialize in a certain type of writing and editing. For example, a B2B writer and editor may work on technical product summaries for Boeing or glizty ad copy for Chanel.

The type of copy you write and edit is driven by the audience who reads it. And since the corporate buying process is complex, a one-size-fits-all B2B publication never works. Each B2B publication should target a specific audience.

Take a white paper, for example, on a new product that aggregates social media platforms, enabling companies to promote and share their products and network with customers, partners, and vendors. Information Systems Managers need to know the details of how this product works. VPs of Sales must be confident it will help increase sales. And purchasing agents will look for after-sales service guarantees and comparative cost data. So for this new product, your client may want you write three white papers; one for each audience: technical, sales, and purchasing.

Types of B2B Audiences
Types of B2B Publications
Types of B2B Writing and Editing

Types of B2B Audiences (top)

  • engineering and technical
  • product development
  • production
  • sales and marketing
  • social media
  • management and c-suite
  • human resources
  • trainers
  • strategic partners
  • suppliers

Types of B2B Publications (top)

  • advertisements
  • annual reports
  • professional bio’s or profiles
  • blogs
  • branding guidelines
  • case studies
  • competitive intelligence reports
  • direct marketing pieces
  • emails
  • Facebook summaries and conversations
  • instructional (curriculum, scripts, how-to pieces)
  • landing pages
  • letters
  • LinkedIn summaries
  • marketing research reports and summaries
  • mission statements
  • newsletters
  • press releases
  • product and service summaries
  • product and service reviews
  • proposals
  • professional development, education, and training
  • sales guides
  • tweets
  • web copy
  • white papers

Types of B2B Writing and Editing (examples in parentheses; top)

  • technical (hardware and software user manuals)
  • copywriting (marketing and advertising web copy, brochures, flyers, tweets)
  • how to’s (video scripts, application guides, blogs)
  • sales (white papers, case studies, research summaries, web copy, Linked-In profiles)
  • business (emails, letters, reports)
  • narrative (in-depth research articles)

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Rita Braun writes and edits B2B publications for people who research, teach, market, and sell. Take a look at her work samples here, and contact her here.


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